Q: What areas do you service?

A: We service the Raleigh, NC and surrounding area. For anywhere outside of a 35 mile radius from our location in Wendell, NC, we simply add a small fee to cover travel expenses. 

Q: What does set up and tear down involve? 

A: We come the day of the party to set up the entire experience and come back to take it all down. The parent doesn’t have to lift a finger!

Q: How many tents are included in a package?

A: Each camping package comes with up to 6 tents, but you can add more if needed, for an additional charge of $25 per tent.

Q: How much space do I need for the tents? 

A: Each tent takes up about 4 ft. x 4 ft. of space. We have not had a space yet that we couldn't make work. We ask that you have all furniture moved out of the room before we arrive, if you think it may be a tight fit.

Q: How far in advance should I book my party?

A: As soon as you know you want to book it! We are booking parties 5-6 months in advance, so the sooner the better to ensure we don’t fill up!

Q: Do I provide my own movie if I get a package with the projector and screen? 

A: Yes! We bring the projector/screen and cables to hook into an HDMI compatible device of your choice. We then sync a service of your choice (Netflix, Roku, etc.) up to the projector so that you and your kiddos can stream whatever movie you wish! If you don’t have a device or service to stream movies, that’s no problem, we can provide that also!