Lavender aroma in the air, bubbling bath bombs, cozy robes... the perfect combination to pamper your princess.

$199 without Spa Technicians (before tax)

$299 with Spa Technicians (before tax)

  • Spa Stations for each child along with their own magazine to read

  • Changing Station with robes and flip-flops

  • Happy Birthday welcome sign for front door

  • Warm towels and hair bands to hold hair back

  • Warm water foot massage, lotion and toe nail painting

  • "Happy Birthday" and "Spa Party" garland decor

  • Vases/Jars/Spa decor

  • Create Your Own Bath Bomb Activity

  • Face masks with cucumbers for the eyes

  • PDF Invitation 

  • Set up and tear down (of our supplies)

Should I choose the package with or without spa technicians?

That is totally up to you! Spa Technicians help run the party and ensure everything stays on schedule. They will do the facials/pedicures and lead the bath bomb activity. If you don't need spa technicians and want to lead the activities yourself (along with a little help from a few other moms) no problem! We have designed the party to work great either way. We provide instructions for the bath bomb activity and facials/pedicures to ensure everything runs smooth without the technicians.


Suggested schedule of party:

30 min - Bath Bomb Activity

45 min - Facials/Pedicures

30 min - Snacks/Cake/Sing Happy Birthday and open presents

Optional Add-Ons:

Party Favor: Gift bags with nail file, nail polish and candy - $6 each

6ft. Balloon garland - $30


* Each package is for 6 children (this includes the birthday girl/boy). There is a $25 additional fee per extra guest.
** 5% discount on all services and packages to foster families.